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The process of inferring the personality characteristics of individuals responsible for committing criminal acts has commonly been referred to as criminal profiling. Professionals engaged in the practice of criminal profiling have historically included a broad spectrum of investigators, behavioral scientists, social scientists, and forensic scientists. Their involvement in unsolved casework has been most commonly concerned with criminal investigative efforts and suspect identification. In that capacity, multidisciplinary criminal profiling techniques have been sought out to help reduce suspect pools, assist with case linkage, and develop investigatively relevant leads and strategies in unsolved cases. Criminal profilers are also called in to assist attorneys with court cases that involve complex or bizarre behavioral evidence.

For those who wish to pursue a serious interest criminal profiling, beyond the headlines and the hype, Forensic Solutions recommends the following resources:

Criminal Profiling, 4th Ed. Criminal Profiling, 4rd Ed.
The fourth edition of the best-selling textbook on the subject of evidence based criminal profiling. The most informed and comprehensive guide to the process of criminal profiling ever written. Adopted by dozens of universities and used by thousands of students and investigators all over the world.

Published in 2011 by Elsevier Science.

Career Guide to Criminal Profiling Career Guide to Criminal Profiling
For students and professionals that are interested in understanding how to integrate criminal profiling into their career plans.
Forensic Solutions Campus
Forensic solutions offers a variety of courses on subjects relating to forensic science and criminal profiling by case-working, court-qualified instructors.

Check out the course schedule and register today!

Criminal Profiling Coursework
Forensic Solutions provides a variety of online courses designed to help students and professionals develop and demonstrate evidence based criminal profiling skills.
For those who want rigorous, applied coursework designed to teach how to competently profile and investigate even the toughest cases. 
Online Resources The Criminal Profiling Archives
This section of our website is dedicated to the storage and public dissemination of information regarding the criminal profiling process as it applies to criminal investigation and the legal system.
Academy of Behavioral Profiling
The Academy of Behavioral Profiling is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the application of evidence based criminal profiling techniques within investigative and legal venues.

Membership is available for students and professionals alike.


Rape Investigation Handbook, 2nd Ed. Crime Reconstruction, 2nd Ed. Forensic Victimology Criminal Profiling, 4th Ed. Journal of Behavioral Profiling

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